Stock radio is locked on 2003 Acura TL

My battery died and now my radio is asking for the code which i do have and when i input the code it still comes up as a error what do i have to do to get my radio working again

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Some of these radios will lock out if you enter a wrong code three times, you have to drive around with the radio on and the word code displayed for an hour (or leave the ignition on for an hour) then retry entering the code if the code is 5342, press the station program button 5 first, the program button 3 and so on. It is a 4 digit code I believe.
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You'll need to get the correct code, which I believe is only available at the Acura Dealership. If the code they give you is the same one that you have, have them show you how to enter the code, maybe you're entering it incorrectly. And if all that appears OK, then the radio may having problems. Good Luck!