stock injector lbs on 2000 Jaguar S-Type

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hi, was hoping that somebody here would know the out put of the stock injectors on a 2000 s-type 4.0 jaguar...people tell me it is 19lbs, but I find that hard to believe, thanks
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The pressure output will be the Fuel Pressure which is 43.5 psi. If you want to get larger injectors with larger openings to get more flow, you may have to get a larger fuel pump and you WILL have to have the computer reprogrammed. I work in a shop that does competition tuning for race cars and we take Acuras and put in K type engines and then redo the fuel injection, with a high level of success, 1st place SCCA etc.
So, if you want to replace the injectors and change the flow, be prepared to re-do some or most of the fuel system and engine computer programming.
thanks for your reply, but all I was looking for is how many lbs the injectors vette had stock ones of 21lbs..I put in svo ones of 28lbs and did nothing else put header and cam, ran really basically on the jag I was looking for a baseline as to what the stock ones are that way I can have direction on where to go next...I do for sure appreciate the extra information that you sent me.if possible could you please let me know how many lbs injectors it uses,,stock injectors and stock fuel output,,thanks