still not fixed. on 1992 Dodge Dakota

I just had it in the garage and they had a hard time starting it. so they had to push it in and they did a tune up plugs wires and oil and clean carb and new air filter. then took it out for a drive and 2 minutes in to the drive it acted up and they still don't know what could be causing the prob? they say there is 2 other ideas but the cost is way more than i get on a fixed in come. so i hope some one can help me out. the prob is when u are driving at normal speed or it acts pops and chugs and u can put the gas pedal all the way to floor and after 1 minute the engine will rev up the be normal and then act up about 6 differ times and its frustrating on what the mystery prob is so any help would be great thnks.

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1992 is Fuel injected, (Throttle body injection) There are a couple of problem area on this vehicle. One is the Distributor Drive Gear. Remove the distributor cap and grasp the rotor. If it can be rotated more than 3/16", the Distributor Drive Gear and Bushing will have to be replaced as the Cam Sensor located in the distributor will no longer be in sync with the Crank sensor. . Special tools are required to replace the Drive Gear Bushing. The other problem area is the intake manifold pan or "Plenum gasket". The Intake manifold gasket must be removed to replace this gasket. When this gasket fails, the engine runs rough, High oil comsumption.
so the truck is not worth to fix then?
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I bet they didn't replace the rotor and distr cap when they did the tune up