Still no turn signals or hazards after changing signal relay switch on 2001 Audi A4 Quattro

After noticing that neither turn indicator worked and the hazard didn't work either, I replaced the hazard relay switch in the center console above the radio. Although I then got turn signals to the right, when I turned it down to the left, the fuse blew (#2 fuse). Turning the hazard light on although that blew a fuse too (#39). What should I investigate next? Thanks!

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There is a short circuit in the turn signal/hazard light circuit. Since both of these are tied together and the right side lights work OK, I would start by looking at the left turn signal bulbs. Remove one at a time, inspect them carefully.
Try replacing the fuse and operating the turn signal and see if it blows. If the fuse stops blowing then the bulb is the problem. If it continues to blow with the bulbs out, check the bulb sockets and the wring.