still getting trouble code po122 for throttle position senor on 2004 Kia Optima

i just replaced the throttle position sensor,i did disconnect the battery cables to reset the computer but the code still comes up even after i erased it and the idle is a little high at 1050 rpm, am i missing anything? the new sensor made a huge difference in the sluggish acceleration but i don't know why the code keeps popping up and the idle high?

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taking batterie wont clear a code after car 1995 you will have to have a scanner clear it a parts store will do it for free in most states
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Have you or anyone tried to adjust any of the throttle settings? The throttle stop adjustment or the throttle cable? (If it has one) If so, these need to be reset.

Here is the test method for the TPS:
1. Disconnect the connector from the sensor. Connect an ohmmeter.
2. Measure the resistance between terminals 1 (sensor ground) and 2 (sensor power) on 2.4L engine and between terminals 2 (sensor ground) and 3 (sensor power) on 2.7L engine.
3. Specification should be 1.6–2.4k ohm.
4. Connect an analog ohmmeter between terminals 1 (sensor ground) and 2 (sensor output), on 2.4L engine and between terminals 2 (sensor ground) and 1 (sensor output), on 2.7L engine.
5. Operate the throttle valve slowly from the idle position to the full open position, and check that the resistance changes smoothly in proportion with the throttle valve opening angle.
6. If the resistance is out of specification, or fails to change smoothly, replace the sensor.
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