Still Cannot Find Starter, Temp Gage Sensor or Diagram... on 1990 Nissan Stanza

I've looked all over and still cannot find where the starter or temp sensor guage is located. As for an engine diagram, I went to the one suggested website and they want $10.99 for an online subscription. That gets costly real quick. Does anyone have a simple 90 Stanza XE 2.4 engine diagram printout or link they can send me? Thank you!

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I do not have a diagram to share but...

The starter is going to be located where the engine and transmission bolt together, typically on the bottom or back end. It has to be there, as it hooks up to the flex plate at the back of the engine, which has teeth on it that mesh with the starter motor as it turns.

The coolant temperature sensor is on the top front corner of the intake manifold, towards the passenger side of the engine compartment. Good luck!
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Standing on the driver's side of the engine compartment, stick your hand between the engine and firewall, you should find the starter almost directly beneath the Electronic Fuel Injection system. I hope this helps you.