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2008 Dodge Nitro R/T Question: Sticking vavle on 2008 dodge nitro

How to repair a sticking vavle on a 2008 dodge nitro? Problem occurred 5 days ago after the car was started on a very cold morning. email: dorisjbarton@bellsouth.net -
Answer 1
how do you know it has a sticking valve?? roy -
Comment 1
I had it placed on a computer and diagnosed. This was the report. Also, I can hear it pushing back through the intake. Thanks. -
Comment 2
what code did it indicate?? was a compression test performed?? it sounds like a burnt valve. Roy -
Answer 2
If engine has hydraulic lifters, I have seen engine oil that is too heavy a viscosity keep lifters pump causing engine to stall on first stops in first couple of hundred feet but that was when I lived in a very cold climate. -