GMC Envoy Problem Report

GMC Envoy Sticking Camshaft Actuators Due to Dirty Oil or Faulty Control Solenoid

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The variable valve timing camshaft actuators may stick due to dirty engine oil or a faulty control solenoid. A sticking actuator may cause a rough idle and the Check Engine Light to illuminate. Our technicians tell us the engine oil should be checked to make sure it is clean and at the proper level before replacing any parts to correct this concern.

had low oil pressure light & chk engine light on and oil gauge dropping to zero - replaced variable timing camshaft and initially did not fix problem.. went to 3 mechanics who had no clue but all lights eventually went out and oil gauge normal. still starts rough and has code although not tripping check engine light -
Tripping P0014. Fixed with new camshaft solenoid actuator. Less than a year later....Same code trips. Same problem. -
About a week after the DIC showed 0% on oil life, Check engine light activated. Code showed Cam Shaft actuator control solenoid bad and it was replaced. -
3 or 4 seperate times my cam shaft Sensor exploded and today my valve gasket went all in 3 years -
My light came on and got it scanned.It is the dorman vareable camshaft timing solinoed is bad.They want 269.00 to fix it -
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