Chevrolet Trailblazer Problem Report

Chevrolet Trailblazer Sticking Camshaft Actuators Due to Dirty Oil or Faulty Control Solenoid

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The variable valve timing camshaft actuators may stick due to dirty engine oil or a faulty control solenoid. A sticking actuator may cause a rough idle and the Check Engine Light to illuminate. Our technicians tell us the engine oil should be checked to make sure it is clean and at the proper level before replacing any parts to correct this concern.

rough idle, horrible gas mileage (8 mpg on a good day), hard start, hesitation at take off, dies when you come to a complete stop and after numerous cranks engine starts again.... -
Check Engine light stayed on. AutoZone checked the code and it was "oil viscosity, Cam Actuator". No real indication of a performance issue. Went through several oil changes at my usual shop, all with Valvoline High Mileage (extra cost). No change. Read several posts about pulling and cleaning the actuator screens. Before I had a chance to pull the actuator, I won a silent auction for an oil change at the local Firestone shop. Kendall GT-1 Synthetic Blend. Two days later the check engine light went off and hasn't come back on since. Not making a product endorsement here..just reporting the facts, and suggesting that maybe you r first step should be to switch oils/types and see if that helps. -
replaced vvt solenoid code p0014 comes back -
The vehicle is idling rough. and its performance is at its all time lowest. The oil gauge will go on 40 then 0 a lot -
Began noticing felt like a slight misfire at road speeds. Nothing outrageous, so thought it may have been bad gas because I had recently filled up. Put some Techtron fuel system cleaner in tank with no change an the service engine light illuminated. Had code read which was P0014 (MAP Sensor) and P0106 (oil crank sensor). Will change the oil first to see if that corrects the issue before taking to my mechanic. -
Vehicle threw a code, had it checked by mechanic stated that my Camshaft Actuator was stuck or sticking. Recommended engine replacement. -
stuck camshaft actuators because of ignored low temp from stuck thermostat that had recently been replaced -
I hear a Norse when cutting off truck as if the cam is rolling back sending air back into the intake air filter -
Reduce speed light and check engine light comes on and car reduces speed -
Codes for P0014 and P0172 came up after I replaced my alternator and battery. The shop recommends changing the Cam Shaft Accuator and doing an oil change...Not sure if the accurator should be changed or not but will probalby need to follow the mechanics recommendation. -
have to keep pressing gas to keep started or until it'll stay started be seld....rpm goes under 1. -
open issue... Going to try an oil change... Cross Fingers! -
Service Engine light comes on intermittently. Still an open issue. Plan to pull actuator and clean it. -
rough idle, sounds like a 18 wheeler, took it to chevy dealer, and was advised that camshaft actuators does not work long and the dealer stated I need a new motor. -
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