Sticking Brakes on 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan

I have replaced the brake lines, calipers, and pads, and yet the brakes keep sticking after a few stop lights. The brakes heat up and then its unable to drive for about 30 min and then they will release. Iwas wondering if anybody might know what to do? Please help!!!!

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Things that cause the brakes to "stick" are the brake calipers (usually the caliper piston seizing or the guide pins seizing)in the case of a brake disc arrangement or brake hydraulic wheel cylinders seizing in the case of a drum brake system, or the brake master cylinder not returning fluid to the reservoir. Are all brakes staying on after you drive the car, that would indicate a brake master cylinder (or mis adjusted brake light switch). If only both rear brakes stay on or drag perhaps a brake proportioning valve is failed. drive the car get the brakes to wear you think they drag and put your hand close to each wheel (don't get burned) touching the wheel do they all seem about the same temperature? or are one hotter than the other? or only one is hot? Determine which Wheels are dragging.
This is bad for the Caravan it may warp the rotors and wear out the brake pads.