Stick shift knob on 1991 Ford Ranger

I have a "91 Ford Ranger. Two years ago, I bought a new shift knob (that I really like) and have been unable to put it on. I have asked a couple people who work on cars, gone to 2-3 mech shops and everyone says that it can't be screwed off-it was put on mechanically. Huh? And they say they don't have experience with that. The Ford Dealers are way away from me-is that my only recourse? Or does someone finally have an answer-at least what to tell the mechanic. Merry Christmas-(and may God and anybody else)bless you if you can tell me how to do this stupid thing-after two freakin' years!

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Here is your answer:
The stick shift knob is a press fit knob.

If you pry it off, it will come off. It is not screwed on or fastened in any other way. It has splines on the shift lever that dig into the plastic on the knob.

Merry Christmas to you!
THANK YOU! Just got back from Christmas trip--will let you know if I have been able to do it.