1995 Honda Accord Q&A

1995 Honda Accord Question: stereo/radio does not turn on after replacing battery

I have 1995 honda accrd sedan and i replaced battery. after replacing battery, car stereo does not turn on. i checked fuse and fuse is fine. any ideas what can be wrong ? -
Answer 1
If it is the original radio, does the display read "Code" if so you will have to enter the 4 or 5 code that should be on a white credit card size piece of paper with information that came with your car. -
Comment 1
i have a 08 suzuki forenza the battery died got it replaced now the radio wont come on, i took it to my mechanic who took it out its a daewoo radio i called suzuki they couldnt help i called daewoo they gave me a 4513 code but thats not helping because there is absolutely NO power to my radio at all what can i do? -
Answer 2
you have an anti-theft radio.when the battery is disconnected,it shuts down the radio.you have to enter a five digit code to get it to work again.open your trunk andlook at the trunk lid,there should be a five digit number on it. -