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1996 Acura RL Question: Stereo

My Bose stereo was working GREAT!!!!! Then I had to have my battery changed and now the stereo does not work at all!!!When I turn it on it just comes back with code.What does anyone suggest I do??? -
Answer 1
When I disconnected the battery form my own 1996 Acura it came up with the word "CODE". DO not randomly enter numbers. If you do not have the radio code in a small card supplied with your owners handbook the radio has to be removed to get the radio chassis number. WIth this number the dealer will give you the "Code" to enter to bring your radio back to life! -
Answer 2
Under the radio there are 3 "buttons" but the middle is just a blank cover. You can remove that middle one with a screwdriver , it just pops out. Use a flashlight look up thru that opening at the bottom of the radio unit (you will have to lay on your back and twist a bit, but it is possible). I was able to read my serial # by doing that. You can then call Acura, they will ask you to fax your ID and proof of ownership of your vehicle with the VIN and they will give you the reset code. I did it and it cost nothing, simple and quick. The dealer wanted $100 to pull the radio out and get the serial #. This took me about 1 minute to get it and Acura charged me nothing to give me the code. -
Comment 1
Thank you so much! That helped a great deal....Did it and stereo works great!! -
Comment 2
thank you soooo much i was able to do it the way you described and it savedme a ton of trouble i had taken apart everything and didnt know how i was getting the radio out .......thanks -
Answer 3
Check inside the manual that comes with the book. I found my CODE on a sticker affixed to the first or second page. -
Answer 4
the code to reset the radio is 41256 -
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