steering/suspension on 2001 Volkswagen Cabrio

when i bought this car it needed front tires. The front end was very shaky. I got new tires for the front but it still pulled to the left. i took it to pep boys for an alignment and they said they couldn't do it there. they said they put it on the machine and said it wouldn't even give a full read out. They said I need to take it to the dealer. Is this correct?

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I would take it to a better front end shop. it sounds like your front end needs to be diagnosed, like a control arm, tie-rod end etc is out spec. any good front end shop can do this, not just the dealer. it sounds like the guys that you dealt with were some what inexperienced.
So I took it to a VW repair shop who replaced the bushings. They said they rotated the tires left to right and say I have a bad tire and can't do an alignment until it is replaced.
I will take the car back to Pep Boys because the tires are new. In the meantime when I leave the VW repair shop, my car vibrates unbelieveably. It was better before the bushings were replaced. the vibration stops at 25-30 mph, then it rides great.
Car goes back to Pep Boys and they tell me they don't see where it is a bad tire. they balanced both of them and they say it's good. They said the vibration is because I need motor mounts
Why is the vibration and rattles so much worse after the bushings were replaced?