Steering Wheel Vibration on 2006 Volvo S60

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When I am sitting at a traffic light the steering wheel will sometimes vibrate enough that it becomes irritating. I took it into the dealership I got it from but they could not find a reason for the vibration. They kept it overnight and so they loaned me another S60 same year (more options) as mine. It showed the same issue. Has anyone seen this before?

BTW, the car had 88K on it, and just rolled over to 90k
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Have them check the motor mounts. The upper torque mount and the front engine mount wear out pretty quickly on these models.
However, if you felt the exact same thing on another S60, then this is probably a normal characteristic of the vehicle and it may not be fixable.
Thanks for the reply. In fact, the upper motor mount had collapsed by about 1/2". They replaced it but there was very little or no improvement.

Ah well, such is life.