Steering wheel shimmies at 55 + on 2000 Honda Accord

Had new tires Wheels balanced and all wheel alinement and still has a shimmy of speed 55 + ?

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poss tie rods on bad hub bearing. did yhey mentions tie rod ends loose?
The place where i bought the tires forget to balance one of the front tires . Thanks for the advise.
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4CYL. or V6? Under 'load' or 'coasting' , or it doesn't matter? Any bent rims? History on strut replacement (if ever)?
4cy new strutes new tires
thank you for replying , glad it's fixed.
check the front end to see if you got any loose parts
your problem solved by bal of tire a shimmy ,shake vibration at speeds that comes on at 1 and goes away as you increase & comes back at higher is moving mass [weight spinning] only a few parts tires,wheels ,brake rotors drive axles do this and TIRES are #1 on the list other parts can allow severity to increase but TIRES&WHEELS are #1