Cadillac CTS Problem Report

Cadillac CTS Service Stability Message Due to Failed Steering Wheel Position Sensor

(5 reports)

The steering wheel position sensor may fail, resulting in the service stability message being displayed.

The stability engaged light come on and off while on highway and when breaking coming off ramps my brakes seem to grab also when light is on -
I have had the service stablilty light go on many time a day. and the car does a quick movement as if i was racing and have to hold that wheel tight when in fact I am even under speed limit... cts... -
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While driving (anytime of the day--cold or warm engine) the vehicle feels like it wants cut-off...
the engine sounds like the valves are pecking, car was towed to the dealership, they said that the bad sensor would not cause the pecking, and suggested a new engine. please help Gary
This is the pass. seat sensor. Dealer said recall work had been done in 08 and they will not do...