Steering wheel noise on 2000 Ford Taurus

The steering wheel makes a dry sounding noise every time I turn the steering wheel and it seem's to get worse over time. the steering fluid level is good every time I checked it. Could it be a tye rod or a ball joint going out? Is it dangerous to drive?

by in Hugo, MN on June 21, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on June 21, 2011
It's hard to say if the car is safe to drive or not without being able to do some tests or experience the problem first hand. It could be a bad tie rod end or ball joint. The Ford power steering pumps are always noisier than other car manufacturers. It's safest to get it checked out even by a tire shop and see what they think is wrong.
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While steering, if you hear a clunk or a rattle, or if you experience premature tire wear, this could indicate the inner tie rod ends are loose or worn and will require replacement.

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