2001 Pontiac Montana Q&A

2001 Pontiac Montana Question: steering wheel noise

After backing up out of parking space I turn the wheel to left or right and it makes a groining noise and my traction system comes on. Any ideas what could be causing this. -
Answer 1
An erratic signal from one of the front wheel speed sensors on your 2001 Pontiac Montana may be causing the traction control system to engage resulting in the noise you are hearing. The noise may just be the normal sound of the traction control when engaged. Faults codes should be retrieved from the ABS control module. The stored codes should indicate which front wheel speed sensor is acting up. If no codes are stored the front wheel speed sensors should be monitored using a scan tool while the fault is active. -
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It only makes the noise when I pull to the left on the steering wheel and am doing over 40 Km's the harder I turn the louder it gets ?
When I try to park my van and turning my steering wheel left it was making a clicking noise and I can't finish parking. What is wrong and how much to fix?