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1999 Plymouth Voyager Question: Steering wheel locked key won't turn in ignition

wheels are just about straight. I backed up into drive way a week ago. Now went to drive & Key wouldn't turn. Tried to pull on steering wheel but then it locked. ALso tried duplicate key- still won't turn. Help! Pam -
Answer 1
Your Ignition key lock cylinder is internally jambed and will have to be replaced. Your local dealership or locksmith could handle this repair. http://repairpal.com/directory?address=43081&car_brand_names=Plymouth -
Comment 1
Well my husband beat on the lock cylinder with a hammer and it freed the tumblers inside then the key turned, Now it starts. -
Answer 2
wd40 in hole. Put key in hole. Hit key with hammer about 4 times. Everything freed up and key works fine. Hammer solution is good. -