1998 BMW 528i Q&A

1998 BMW 528i Question: Steering Wheel Controls don't work

Audio control buttons, horn, cruise controls, etc. All control buttons on my steering wheel are not working. What should be the problem and how to fix it? -
Answer 1
Hi, Did you find out what was causing this problem? Is there a module that controls all of these steering wheel control buttons? thx! -
Answer 2
i had the same problem on my 2001 530d it is the electrical switch behind the steering wheel which enables the power to go through and to turn with the steering wheel real easy fix take of the air bag two screws from the back remove steering wheel one bolt in the middle then you come to a large black oval with lots of plugs attached to it thats what you need to replace took me 10 mins and saved me hundreds ps make sure your wheels and steeringwheel are straight when you replace it because the switch is only designed to turn so far. hope this helps -
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