Steering rattle on 2006 GMC Sierra 1500 HD

The steering on my 2006 Sierra 1500HD 4WD rattles on rough roads, especially when turing a corner. And I can feel it in the steering wheel. Is this a common problem? Are there any common fixes?

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Yes, there's a fix....and GM knows how; however they won't tell you until the warranty is up. After having shaft lubricated three times (each fixing the problem for about 10K miles) at a cost of about $80.00 ea.) was told the cure was to replace the upper shaft. Cost: 156.78. It did cure the problem noise -- they even had several in stock. Wonder why How does one wear out a steering shaft? And this has been going on for more than a decade. No wonder GM had to sell out to Uncle Sam - they can't even repair what they engineer. Oh well, mine is fixed but if I buy another this will be featured in the contract.
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Replace The Upper Intermediate Steering Shaft The Dorman Part Number Is 425-176