2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Q&A

2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Question: Steering Noise

I recently bought my 2003 Grand Caravan(Sports). On turning the steering on the left or right side and accelerating, the rpm goes up and it makes a buzzing sound(no vibration). The sound stabilizes when the vehicle is on an even speed. Please advise. -
Answer 1
Noises are difficult to address until the source of the noise is found, so the first thing to do is find out where the noise is coming from. Try to duplicate the noise when the vehicle is not moving, if you can, then have someone locate the noise. If not, then this will take an experienced mechanic to drive the vehicle and perform an inspection of the areas they think are causing the noise. -
Answer 2
Replace the power steering reservoir. The screen in the bottom of the reservoir gets plug and does not allow fluid to flow. -
Comment 1
I agree. The screen/filter in the reservoir gets clogged, and causes cavitation in the fluid, which will make the noise. The part is about $25 at the dealer, and takes about 1/2 hour to change. -
Comment 2
Thanks. The dealership told me today that's my problem. They want $122 to fix it. -
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