Repair Kit Available if Front Brake Caliper Bolt Threads Strip on Dodge Dakota

If the threads strip where the front brake caliper mounts to the steering knuckle, a steering knuckle repair kit is available. A new steering knuckle is not normally necessary.

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Average mileage: 155,300 (30,000–265,000)
13 model years affected: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, more1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
61 people reported this problem
30 people shared problem details
1999 Dodge Dakota220,000
the passenger side steering knuckle om my 1999 dakota has striped also can you tell me where to find a repair kit and what the price will be.
1997 Dodge Dakota255,476
passenger side both caliper bolts no threads
Were would be the best place to get the repair ket for caliper.
1997 Dodge Dakota186,000
I used an over sized caliper bolt from Autozone and all is well
Passenger side caliper pin broke off,(lower pin) then stripped out. Busted the brake line where it mounts on caliper. Used the helicoil kit. I have been going down this road for quite a while. I'm on my 3rd helicoil, 8th pin, and 3rd brake line. This design is terrible, and because of it, my steering knuckle is in need of being replaced. Good luck finding one that you don't have to sell your other car to be able to afford. This has not been fixed.
Steering knuckle stripped for caliper mount
1999 Dodge Dakota160,023
Same bolts stripped
1999 Dodge Dakota98,000
threads have stripped out where brake caliper bolts to steering knuckle on my 1999 Dodge Dakota 4wd.
Driver side spindle is stripped
2000 Dodge Dakota198,000
I put original steering knuckles back on my truck, because some one put knuckles from a 1992 something and it has destroyed 4 sets of tires in 4 years. This truck has cost me $$$. All I want is a new knuckle!!!!!!!!
2001 Dodge Dakota140,000
Brake Caliper Mounting Bolts found to be loose and would not tighten properly. Mechanic found this to be a common problem on Dakota's. Repair was to use oversize self tapping bolts with Loctite for a one time fix and installed new brake pads.
2001 Dodge Dakota224,543
one of my caliper bolts is stripped
1998 Dodge Dakota126,000
Brake cablier bolt hose are stripped out
1994 Dodge Dakota160,000
Breaks pedal go down halfway before break. is there any adjustment at master cylinder? . I installed new assist canaster and ran brake pedal screw all the way out to get pedal reinstalled.
2002 Dodge Dakota184,000
Bolt stripped out
2000 Dodge Dakota80,000
Left side lower threaded hole stripped. Aftermarket knuckle available?
2000 Dodge Dakota85,000
Lower caliper pin threads striped out in steering knuckle
1995 Dodge Dakota30,000
Heli-coil install
2001 Dodge Dakota150,000
threads stripped near caliper mounts
2001 Dodge Dakota146,000
Drivers side brake caliper bolts stripped out.
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