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2005 Toyota Camry Question: steering intermediate shaft clunk

20,000 miles on car, clunking occurs when parking vehicle,vehicle out of waranty,Is this a safety issue or should I replace or have it greased?there is a safety bulletin #00106 on this.My mechanic says dont worry about it,seems that anything having to do with toyotas they say dont worry about it. -
Answer 1
If you mean the intermediate steering shaft, that really should be looked at because it is part of the steering system which is safety related. There is actually a service bulletin about this very issue published by Toyota ST001-06 and it applies to your year Camry. I would call Toyota about this and also, find another Mechanic who does their homework. Any time a customer is concerned about a safety system this should always be taken very seriously. This bulletin deals directly with your noise and is well posted on the web and in the Mitchell and Alldata Repair Manual Systems. Took me 10 seconds to find it. -
Answer 2
There is an update TSB (Tech Svc. Bulletin) out now that supersedes ST001-06. This new one (TSB 0296-08) addresses injecting 2 tubes of special grease into the intermediate shaft instead of replacing it. From what I've read on different forums or blogs, this easier (and cheaper for Toyota) TSB takes care of the problem. http://www.tundrasolutions.com/forums/attachments/camry/35722d1223145460-need-pdf-st001-06-steering-shaft-t-sb-0296-08.pdf -
Answer 3
thanks rickf.... -