Steering on 2005 Pontiac G6

My drive shaft in the steering callem shakes when I have to put slam an the brakes, WHY ???

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It sounds like the steering column vibration under braking is probably due to either warped brake rotors or worn suspension bushings or components. The most likely cause is warped rotors. I will send you an article I wrote for Repairpal that we have not published yet.
I have all ready done all that new bake and pads and rotors turned. Thanks
I've had the same issue over and over again. I've replaced the rotors and the pads three times, once under warranty. I keep taking my G6 back to the dealership and they now tell me it's "normal" to feel that vibration due to tire ware???
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You are probably engaging the anti-lock brake system. It allows the car to stop without having the wheels seize up.
We were sent a recall notice on this. Ask you dealer about it
It's that the steering column shaft has wallowed out and needs to be replaced. I have a 2005 G6 and have had the same thing done twice now.
Does it cost a lot of to fix the column shaft?