Steady warning lights on. on 2000 Land Rover Discovery

TC, ABS lighs steady on. Light with a picture of car going down hill with"!".

The lights are Traction Control, Antilock Brakes and Hill Decent Assist.These are collectively known in the Rover world as the "Three Amigos" .
They are ALL tied into the ABS Hydraulic System.
It means there is a fault somewhere in your ABS system. The problem is it could be as simple as your wheel sensors being bad, to as complicated and expensive as your shuttle valves in your ABS control unit needing rebuilding/replacing. I have yet to see ANY dealership get their diagnosis right on the first try.
My recommendation is look into joining an online rover group. The collective experience on many of these sights is priceless and VERY useful.
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maybe you should have a shop look into it
Be glad to diagnose & repair for you. Village Auto in Bellmore. 516-785-7763