2007 Chrysler Sebring Q&A

2007 Chrysler Sebring Question: Static from radio when rear register is on

Radio is fine when rear defroster is off but when the defroster is on the radio gets static for about 5 or 6 min. -
Answer 1
The defroster itself turns off, or at least down in just about your five to six minute window. A system voltage check would be a good idea, the alternator might be generating a lot of ripple when the charge rate is higher. -
Comment 1
I had a broken line in the rear deroster. I had it repaired and no more static even though the antenna is not part of the defroster. -
Answer 2
Factory or aftermarket stereo system inclu. speakers? -
Comment 1
Factory stereo and speaker -
Comment 2
Options; find a better FM station, listen to more CD's, see an Audio tech. or live with it! -
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You are no help at all. Do you even know how to repair vehicles. How you responded I don't think you have any qualification's. -
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Nary a one!!! But i did stay at a Holiday Inn Express the night before, guess it didn't work for me! -
Answer 3
Is the antenna also in the rear window? -
Comment 1
No the antenna is on the roof -
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OK .nevermind that thought. -