starts but won't go into gear on 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis

Why does my car start fine, but won't go into gear.

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Will not shift out of park
how did you fix the problem
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my car seems to have blocked it self,window don't go up,or down won't even move from parking gear to drive ,i can still turn on but that's it .you can't even spray the wind shields to clean them what can i do?desperate....
Do you mean you can't shift out of park or do you mean you put it in reverse or drive, and nothing happens?

If you are able to move the shifter into reverse/drive but nothing is happening, the first thing I normally look at is the transmission fluid level. Low fluid levels can cause issues with shifting. Otherwise, some diagnosis is needed. It could be shift linkage related or another issue related to the transmission
it goes into gear just fine but then nothing happens
Why does my Audi A4 start fine but won't go out of park?
Put in drive and the engine just revs
did u figure it out?