starting/starter issues on 1990 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20)

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I had my coils changed about 9 months ago. Since than my van starts really hard. It will start to kick over but not make it. The starter/fly wheel would sound really bad too. During the crank over the process would just stop, than start spinning and stop again, like a rod or something just froze in there. I'm on my third starter now. The cone snapped on the second one. On the second, one of the bolt holes broke and one of the bolts snapped and left a piece in there. We got it fixed and the starter back in as it's still good but it's acting up again. It'll start right for a few but it always starts again. We've shimmed, unshimmed. The flywheel looks like it may be a hair offf in a part but we're not certain. I'm at a loss. Does anyone have any suggestions???
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First question.What was the reason that you replaced coils? sounds like possible timing issue, we are in kent des moines and if you can bring van by I can look at it at no cost.