Starting without a key on 2005 Ford Expedition

My husband took out keys by accident and is out of state. How can I start my car without keys?

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Hot wiring won't help. If the immobilizer won't receive signal from the key it won't start.
You have 2 choice:
1, he will Fedex the key overnight to you.
2, if you can prove the ownership of the car Ford or a mobile locksmith will cut you an other key.

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One last thought to add onto Zee's comments:

You will have to have two new keys cut. They will both have to be programmed to start the car, as the anti-theft chip is in each key. will have to have the vehicle towed to have that programming done...or a locksmitch that comes out to you could do it.

Either way, the cheapest deal is probably the FedEx one...

Good luck.
by hot wiering the car