Starting problems with my '96 SS on 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS

I have never had an issue with my car starting...until day before yesterday. I drove the car for about 10 minutes to an appointment, then about the same returning to work. I came out about 1/2 hour later and it would not turn over. A slight click some of the time.
I tried jumping from a friends car and all we got was a buzzing, clicking noise with a very small movement of the crankshaft.
I called a tow truck and it took about an hour for them to show up. We tried once again to jump it with his power pack...and it started! I drove it home (about 1/2 hour), shut it off and tried to start it again with only a click, click, click. I checked battery voltage and it was about 12.8 volts. I put a charger on it and tried it in 100 amp "start" mode and it still only clicked with the lights dimming a lot each time it clicked.
So a day later, I asked some friends to help me push it into my garage for further troubleshooting and started. I drove it into the garage, shut it off and re-started it several times.
All I can think of is it is heat related, but I'm hoping for some good information and advice. Thanks

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Sounds like you need the starter replaced if the battery has a reading of 12.8 volts and you can get a estimate here and locate a shop near you here As chevy starters are known to have heat related problems when they get old