starting problems on 1995 Ford Probe

My car just stoped running, when you try to start it you get nothing, it won't even try to start. Plus I need to know the firing order for spark plugs. Can you help me?

by in Oklahoma City, OK on February 28, 2009
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ANSWER by on March 01, 2009
It sounds like your battery is dead. First thing to do is to check your battery. Did any lights come on when the car just died like the battery light. This could indicate a problem with your charging system. Your friend had a good suggestion. If you can start the car in Neutral and not Park, then it is a neutral safety switch problem, if I am correctly interpreting what you wrote.
COMMENT by on March 02, 2009
Everything works lights, radio,and door dinger work fine..I was able to start a couple times after this, after starter was taking off tested (good)but when reinstalled it started right up ....I turned off and restarted several times with no problem, then i stoped to use payphone and it wouldnt start ,, so afriend told me to try shifting gears back and forth, about time i gave up on it it started,,then started right up a few diffrent times, then stopped starting again and its been a little over a week now..
ANSWER by on June 04, 2009
you may have a bad ICM, i hate that thing, my probe is a '94, but i had similar issues, try changing it, it requires a specific tool to remove, mine was located just under the driver side headlight, down in the void, i is mounted on a heat sink, looks rather out of the ordinary, its for the spark system. it may be your problem... though, the manual says its the hardest thing to check and see if it is working right.
COMMENT by on June 04, 2009
any idea on how to unflood a fuel injected engine? oh and any idea on how to make a miracle happen? i need both for my probe.
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