starting problems on 2000 Toyota Tundra

i have a new battery in my 2000 tundra, but it still just clicks instead of starting once every now and then.

by in Norfolk, VA on March 30, 2009
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ANSWER by on March 30, 2009
First make sure your battery cables where they connect to the battery (terminals) are clean, A corroded battery terminal can cause quite a few weird problems, Then if that dosn't work then its possibly the starter solenoid.
ANSWER by on March 30, 2009
Starter solenoid contacts fail frequently. The truck may start nine times out of ten but on the tenth time you just hear a click! The contacts themselves are replaceable.
ANSWER by on April 08, 2009
First check your terminals and make sure they are tight on both sides of the cables. Next make sure there is no corrosion. Next time it clicks when it doesn't start, take notice if the truck loses all power(the dash lights shut off, headlights off, radio off, etc.) if it loses power, it is definitely a corrosion, cable or bad cell in the battery problem. Next step is the starter solenoid which on the 4.7 is a pain in the neck to get to, the whole intake manifold needs to be removed to get to starter.
ANSWER by on April 14, 2010
There has been a problem with the ignition/key cylinder in Tundra's. It gets worn from all the extra keys hanging from your keychain. Try this. When you insert your key into the ignition switch, apply gentle upward pressure while trying to turn the key. This has been a common remedy. If it gets too bad, you'll have to replace the igniton switch. Hope this works for you.
ANSWER by on February 05, 2015
What helps me is pressing the gas down completely when turning it on
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