Starting Problems on 2003 Audi Allroad Quattro

Hi, my audi 2003 allroad quattro 2.7L has staring problems.i drive to work and it will start perfectly fine. however, when leaving, it would take a pretty long time to start or i would need to repeatively turn the key to start the car. the voltmeter is normal, and so is the v-belt. engine oil level is a little low but i doubt it has anything to do with it. I do find that audis are not too reliable.

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I've got a similar problem in my '04 Allroad 4.2. We've been hawking it for weeks. We've replaced the ignition switch and the starter relay, each fairly cheap. We've checked and cleaned all engine ground contacts, etc. I think it's the starter solenoid, which means a new starter (almost $300). So my friend and mechanic insists on doing this last. I'll let you know where we come out.