Starting problems on 2006 Nissan Sentra

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If I start my car up multiple times during a short period (like when I'm running errands), sometimes it turns over for a long time before it actually starts or won't start at all. If it sits for several hours (Like when I'm at work or overnight) it always starts up fine. I've taken it to have it looked at but it's kind-of random when it happens. Please advise.
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Do you ever get a Check Engine Light On? If so, have the code retrieved and it could shed some light. It sounds like you have a starting problem when the car is warm which could be a crank/cam sensor issue. ( which should set a code, but not always ) How many miles do you have on your car and when was the last time your spark plugs were replaced and your throttle body cleaned? Do you have to give the vehicle throttle as your try to start it? The fact that it starts fine after an over night sit could mean that the coolant temp sensor is out of range and as the car gets hot it gets too far out and the car then won't start. How is your gas mileage?