starting problem on 1996 Geo Tracker

I have a 96 tracker 4wd. The starter is acting up. Sometimes it starts fine. Sometimes I have to push the clutch in and rock the vehicle a bit to get the starter to engage. I replaced the starter (twice now) because the solenoid clicks but doesn't engage. Bateery is new and fully charged

by in Mesa, AZ on November 11, 2009
3 answers
ANSWER by on November 11, 2009
check battery cables are they in good condition are all the cables tight on the starter and battery should be solution if not repalce cables have them checked first i hate wasting money
ANSWER by on May 07, 2010
My GEO starting up the when I turn it off and going back outside it want start at all. I have to wait 3 hours for it to start back up. I guy said it was my crank sensor
ANSWER by on April 20, 2011
sounds like neutral safety switch
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