starting problem on Jeep Grand Cherokee

Average mileage: 134,219 (45,000–223,000)
4 model years affected: 2003, 2005, 2006, 2009 more
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On January 17th I took my car in because I went to the gas station after leaving home got my gas went in to pay for my gas came out and my car would not start. Tried starting it 15 times and finally it started. Took it into the dealership and they said that the battery was bad so I replaced it. Today left my home vehicle started. I got to the gas station again shut the car off locked it came back out within 20 minutes and it would not start it just clicked. I took it back into the dealership and they could not find anything wrong with it. They let it sit for 1 hour and it still started up. I need help I have not had this vehicle even a year.
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Very similar situation. Wouldn't start earlier in the day, but eventually did after about 15 tries and after a failed jump. Started next 5 times throughout the day, but then didn't at the end of the day. Battery has been tested and has good charge. I only hear a click, and no turning over. Having it looked at tomorrow, will report the problem once it's fixed.
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Had the same problem with my jeep starting, first it was the battery on my daughter wedding day, replaced that and now i have to replace the starter. the list goes on.
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Same deal cranks fine but no start, New Battery. New Starter. New Crank Sensor. No problems for about a month. Did it again last night. Very frustrating.
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I swapped the Air Conditioner relay with the start relay. This fixed the random start problem. Two months later it was back, only much worse. This time I changed to a new relay. Problem was fixed. I removed both the start and A/C relay's and opened them up. Both had badly pitted and burned contacts. I then also replaced the A/C relay with a new unit. This seems to be a common problem with the Grand Cherokee series.
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When I insert the key in the ignition to turn the vehicle on, it makes a clicking noise and does not start up. I replaced the battery less than two months ago. The last time I drove it before this new problem, it overheated and a yellow fluid started pouring from underneath the car.
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Follow-up on "Report #2": the problem for me was a starter. Sounds like that is likely the problem with your's, too, though I'm no mechanic and can't say for sure. Basically, I was having the same problem where the shop didn't know the problem since it was starting for them, but once it didn't they knew it was definitely the starter. Ended up being about a $300 fix for me, but it took a little more labor since they didn't know what it was, and a tow job. Part costs $150, so you could likely get this replaced for around $200 at a reasonable shop (not a dealership).
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Started when vehicle was 2 years old. Have replaced starter several times, but keeps coming back within a year.. If you beat on the starter it when it just clicks, the starter will work. This gets old fast, and is a pain.
The starter has just failed for the 3rd time. . 1st time replaced with rebuilt - car 4 years old. 2nd time car 6 years old put new starter in. 3rd time car 9 years old failed today 70000 mi
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