starting problem on 1990 Jeep Cherokee

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i recently replaced both positive and negative battery cables. when i attach the negative cable the engine tries to start without me even turning the key over. I then turned the key and the engine turned over but when I shut it off it kept running until I removed the negative cable. Any help would be appreciated.
(2) Answers
I am inclined to believe your problem is in the POSITIVE side of the circuit,more likely
when you replaced cables ,you start circuit wiring became shorted to the red cable and
is sending power to the START function at all times..go back and make sure that your new cables are not touching ANY other wires...usually smaller caliber such 14.16 ,18 gauge..I base this on the fact that you DID NOT have this issue prior to replacing battery
cables..good luck..excercise caution while you are working on engine compartment,
dissable ignition at coil harness and also remove fuel pump fuse/relay until you have
found the source of your malfunction.