Starting problem on 1999 Mazda B2500

My 99 Mazda B2500 has a problem it seems between battery (new) and starting system. When I turn on key before trying to start there is a clicking sound under the dash with the interior lights blinking weakly. When key turned to start, nothing happens. It acts like a dead battery but battery shows completely charged. What could it be?

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i suspect bad connections between the battery terminal clamps and the battery terminal posts. The contact surfaces must be clean and bright. Next thing is to put a meter on the battery terminal clamps while cranking the engine to see if there're 12 volts available at the cables. If not, then either the starter is shorted (drawing too much current) or the battery is not completely charged. Address those and write back with that information if it's still a problem.
If you need help, find an auto electric shop or a Mazda or Ford specialist.
Here's a directory link for you:
Thanks for the info, will try.
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there is a kill switch under the passanger side of dashboard reset switch it will cut gas back on and it will start