starting problem on 1991 Mazda MPV

Have a problem starting the car, i was driving the car and the engine shut off while driveing. I tried to start the car but, it just kept on turning over. it still does. There is no spark from the coil acording to the ohm meter. there is no power going to the coil, I ordered the distributor, but my neighbor said it wasn't the problem. so I bought the coil, but when I installed the new one and started the car it started then turned off and just keeps turning over. so I put the old one back in it. I'm not sure what the problem is. please help.
Concludig there is no power going to coil, and I need to know what to do. thanks


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Possibly your ignition switch has failed, even though it turns over the ignition system might not be getting power through the ignition switch.
It really needs to be tested with a meter because it costs more to keep changing parts than to pay a mechanic to trouble shoot the problem, Check the wire going to the coil to make sure they are not frayed
is it possible that it will still start from time to time but then turn off.
is there any relay in between the iginiton switch, and ignition coil that might be faulty
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sound's like your timing belt had broken