starting problem on 1997 Ford Contour

I have a contour that will not start. The person that had it before me said it was running and I knew it had been but she said it just would not start one time after she turned it off. Gets fire and tries to start but just wont start. Thinking it might be in the fuses but do not know if it has fuses that controls fuel supply.

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I have the same problem with my Contour...I replaced the plugs and wires, coil pack and fuel filter...but it still won't start.....I was told by a knowledgeable mechanic to try the Crankshaft sensor and or Camshaft position sensor their both about 25 bucks apiece ,,so try that

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When an engine wont start, there are a couple of things you must check.
1. Spark at the spark plugs
2. Fuel pressure from the fuel pump
3. Fuel injectors are operating correctly (opening).
4. Engine timing is correct (cam-crankshaft timing and ignition timing)
You'll find there will be a problem with one of these, once you identify it then diagnose the circuit or system accordingly.