Starting problem on 1992 Buick Riviera

I drove my car 50+ miles started it drove to one place started it again went to another place, started it again went to another place, came out and it wouldn't start no crank at all, I have checked the starter and it works on the bench, changed to ignition switch, checked all the fuses, and the netural switch, still no crank when I turn the key, not getting power on either side of the fusiable link at the starter, I set off the alarm and turned it off, that seems to be working fine, can't find the problem and have run out of ideas

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the key here is no power at the fusible link. there must be power on one side. it could be a bad link or a bad connection. wire brush all the connections and re test the power to the fusible link.

How many fusiable links are there on the ignition, is there one before the ignition switch, my wiring diagram says there is one off the battery before the switch, but does not show one at the starter, is that the only one on that circut?
the one you are referring to is at the starter motor. check that as that is the feed to the switch.

I just cut that out of the circut and have cont. through that fuse, no power on the wire at all either side of it when the key is turned to start, had a friend turn it on while I checked it with a test light no power. Which side of the fusible link should have power first, the starter side or the other side?