starting issue on 2003 Mercedes-Benz C240 4MATIC

just drove 325 miles, stopped twice started no problem. stopped again came out car will not start. all lights, door locks work, turn key all dash lights come on but nothing happens, no turn over. just nothing

by in Liverpool, NY on July 09, 2013
0 answers
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No problem in drive after it starts. But starting is taking a while..
At first It started with clicking noise from vents when heater or air was turned on. Now all of a sudden without warning a loud knocking from under the hood.
A repetitive clicking noise from behind the center area of the dash panel is usually caused by a broken stepper motor actuating arm. The actuating arm controls the direction of air flow in the clim...
While driving, I had to slow down due to a driver that I was following approaching a turn. When...
When I turn off the car and start it again, the gauges work for a minute, then stop working again, but the car still drives. After it sat for about a week, it took many attempts for the key to unl...

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