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2000 Lincoln LS Question: starting issue

my 2000 lincoln ls was running fine yesturday and went to start it and nothing it has brand new battery wont even attempt to turn over turn the key and there nothing -
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when i first start the engine it loads up,runs rough untill-it warms up (normal temp.range on gauge) then it smooths out and runs great except a little sluggish on take off. replace egr,o2 sensors,...
I'm looking to purchase a 2003 lincoln ls, the owner says the car starts and runs perfect until it warms up then it knocks oil light comes on and then nothing. Car stops and is not drivable. Any id...
it just turns over i usually have to do it a few times before it starts, but once it does it will start all day with out fail, the next morning saME PROBLEM, from breife look on web ive seen IAC va...
This causes the car to start over heating of course. I have to refill my reservoir one a day. My car also has a ticking noise now coming from the engine that has progressed a bit too.