Starting difficulty due to defective anti-theft control module on Kia Sedona

Problem Description and Possible Solution
Difficulty starting the vehicle may be caused by a defective vehicle immobilizer (anti-theft) control module.
Problem Data
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Average mileage: 109,010 (12,000–250,000)
13 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, more2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
245 people reported this problem
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Turn the key and car won't start. No noise at all from engine trying to turn over. All electrical devices work though, radio, lights etc. Usually have to lock and unlock doors to reset anti theft system, then have to hold key in start position for a few seconds before it starts
The car starts and runs great but occasionally will not crank. All the proper lights come on the dash, everything else works fine but no crank. It may crank again on the next attemt or not for 10 -20 min. Some blogs say to thump on the relays in the cabin fuse box or the engine compartment fuse box. I have done so and had no luck but then suddenly it will crank and start. I have no clue if the thumping helps or if it is just coincidental.
I'm having the same problems due to the anti theft device I can't figure out how to fix. What can I do
This van starts when it wants to, if it starts in the morning I can drive it all day with no issues. The next morning it will not start, it will turn over but will not start. Sometimes it will not start all day and sometimes if I wait an hour or two it will start right up. seems strange and has me stumped.
Been having problems for last six months. Dealer changed anti theft module three weeks ago. Two day later same issue. Returned vehicle to shop following Monday. Dealer had vehicle two days with no issues. They cleaned terminals on starter and swapped relays. Next day I had same issues twice. Worked fine for 1 week. Then last night issue returned. Sometime have to turn key up to 40 times before it will start.
Van will not start, click, or anything. All of the electronics work
My '06 well-maintained Sedona is randomly refusing to turn on despite having replaced the battery 5 weeks ago. When I turn the key, all electrical systems are fully functioning but the engine is completely silent. Both times this has happened, it has self-resolved after about 20-30 minutes. Alternator checks out totally fine. Dealership stumped. I will be printing out this thread and taking it in to them. Thanks for the help!
Used the key to gain entry put it in the ignition lights and alarm start blinking off and on vehicle will not start everything comes on but it won't start.... need help
car will start sometimes without a problem. suddenly won't start. dealer confirmed immobilizer control mod.
Some web site says you have to bang hard and sharply on the area near the fuse box. Sounds weird as a solution, but it works.
Once the key is inserted, the car will NOT start. The lights will work and so will the windows, etc. After a number of tries, it will start, thus far. This happened three times today. It's really scary. I'm wondering what others did to fix this issue. Someone suggested it may have something to do with the anti theft device. I don't know what to do.
van won't start have to keep clicking till it will turn over i believe it's in the theft system because it doesn't work anymore
I have this issue with my 2006 Kia Sedona. It is actually a known issue with Kia, although even my Kia dealer was unaware. The fix is to replace the IPM with an updated version they produced.
intermittent for a while now. First work around was taking out and/or pushing in the alternator fuse under dashboard, worked for a while then stopped working. Found work around on youtube where i can go to fuse box under hood, take off grey start relay cap, make contact and car starts every time i do this. But inconvenient and no fun in below freezing temperatures.
Vehicle randomly won't start, keyless remote dying, have to lock and unlock car countless times before vehicle will finally start. Problem occurs whether keyless remote is on keys or no where bar the vehicle.
This had been a recurrent problem @ a 2 years ago happening off/on for months. Then - it was fine until - yesterday when it out of nowhere again would not start after having started fine earlier that day. Tried locking/unlocking doors. Tried getting out of vehicle, locking it, re-entering a minute later which had worked before - no luck. Then on the umpteenth try it just started. Really annoying and the only problem this otherwise great vehicle has ever had!
Vehicle was working fine stopped at gas station to fuel up and car wont start back up at allcar wont go out of park.
All Lights turn no bit it Won't star for like 3 hrs first time and second third time it took all day I took it to the mechanic and it star it he said he doesn't know what can be if is staring.
Issue starting mini van. Have repair contract. Kia dealership says they know nothing about this issue and can not fix it until it happens in shop.
Turn key and nothing dealer replaced some fuse inside of dash . not the ones in fuse blocks .he said it was inside of dash they charged $600 now same problem. He will tell me what fuse and where he said it will be another $600. It has been almost 6 months.