Starting car when humidity is over 85 percent on 1995 Toyota Corolla

My 1995 corolla will not start if the humidity is over 85 %. It will turn over and if I keep the key trun on, after 1 to 2 minitues it spudders and then start with playing with the gas pedel

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There is no particular or common problem with either the 1.6L or 1.8L that prevents these cars from starting in humid conditions. How many miles are on your Toyota and what is its service history? Has the car had a recent tune up that has included spark plug change, valve adjustment, fuel and air filter change, check the ignition system, ect.... Once the car is starting off in a "tuned up" condition I would be look at the Coolant Temperature Switch input, I would verify fuel pressure, and I would "water test" the ignition system insulation for integrity. To get your car to start, do you press the accelerator pedal to the floor and crank until the engines "catches" if so that is a sign of too much fuel and you are doing what some people call "clear flood mode".
When the engine won't start can you start it by keeping the accelerator pedal to the floor and when it catches releasing the pedal (that would be a sign of too much fuel)?
A simple test of ignition insulation would be with the engine running (hand brake applied and vehicle in part, spray down the ignition system with water in a household spray bottle (like windex/windoline, or bug spray, quick wax detailer) Spraying a fine mist of water on the plug wires and distributor cap should not alter the way the engine runs if the ignition system is OK, if the ignition system falters or you see or hear the spark jumping to ground the ignition cap or wires are bad. After that I would be checking temp sensor inputs to the computer and fuel pressure.
There is 126000 miles and the maintences is up to the standards
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