starting on 1994 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

turns over ,gets fuel,just not starting

by in Wakefield, RI on January 19, 2011
2 answers
ANSWER by on January 19, 2011
So if you have the proper fuel pressure and it turns over, Probably need to make sure the ignition switch is operational as I see all the parts stores carry these so it must be a common part that fails Napa has them for about $20 and about an hours labor to replace it. But there are 2 different switches one for tilt wheel and without. You can locate a shop near you here
ANSWER by on February 09, 2011
if its getting fuel getting fire its a timeing chain issue after 600.00 worth of parts comes to find out its a bad timeing chain 35.00 should fix it if you do the work yourself.
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