Starter vs. Battery on 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

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I am trying to trouble shoot my car's starting up problem.
I would like to know what should be normal starter solenoid's contact Ohm electrical resistance,when it is switched ON, making click sound? and what should be normal voltage across the starter's motor when it is cranking? and voltage across the solenoid?

Thank you for your prompt assistance!
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Use a battery tester and load test the battery. If it passes, the battery is not your problem. While it could be a bad battery cable due to corrosion, it really sounds like the starter is junk. If you want to be sure, have someone try holding the key in the "crank" position and smack the starter with a hammer. If it cranks over when you're smacking it, it's junk.
Hard to beat that old school test. Tried and true!
The Battery passed the load test with 600 CCA or more at a reputable store. The starter is new, I just replaced it after I heard solenoid's lound click sound, but motor not turning, which happened twice. ( I tested the battery myself okay at that time, as well. But the installed new starter, once, also made the solenoid's click sound without turning the motore, just once! Now a new rebuilt starter does not always mean defect free!! Since it is already installed, and I suspect the solenoid's contact problem; I checked the contact resistance to be about 1.0 ohm, which seems high to me, but the starter has been working fine for a few days!!! is the contact resistance of 1 ohm normal? can the dirty engine's main ground cable contact cause this intermittent (once) starter problem? Thank you for your comments!!
Where did you purchase the starter?
Same question...Where did you buy the starter? Kragen/Checker (CSK) stores have had a reputation for problem starters and alternators in the past. NO, 1 ohm is not a bad reading on almost any circuit, especially a high-current circuit. Solenoid sounds like it is fine. Yes, corroded/dirty cables can cause all kinds of intermittent problems. So can mislocated and/or missing ones. I reccommend removing, cleaning, and securely re-attaching them just for good measure.
I did use contact cleaner on the engine ground. The starter has been working fine since then. Thank!
Replace the starter motor! Solenoid will be on it. Best not try to check resistance on a live circuit, it's hard on volt ohm meters!
LOL! Too true pushrod. Too true. I love it.
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