1998 Chevrolet Cavalier Q&A

1998 Chevrolet Cavalier Question: Starter sometimes screeches when turning the key.

It seems very sensitive to how hard you push in the key. My wife almost never has a problem and I always have a problem. We've had the car since new and this has never been a problem until about 3 months ago. -
Answer 1
you either have a bad starter drive or some broken teeth on the flywheel -
Comment 1
I'm not sure I understand the "bad starter drive". Would that be corrected if I replace the starter? I've done that on other cars, so I know it's not that difficult. Thanks in advance. -
Comment 2
Starter drive or some call bendix is in starter. Unless you have local starter rebuild shop usually makes more sense to just replace starter. When starter removed look carefully at teeth on starter drive- if you see worn or broken teeth- that's your problem. If not- inspect teeth on flywheel. -